My parents are from science and arts background so when time came I had to learn things on my own, when I chose to get into commerce stream after 10th grade. From learning about commerce stream and helping others about career and education options in commerce I realized that I had to share whatever I came across with other students, this is how I started this blog.

There are few students who always have an aim and try to achieve it by working hard throughout school and college but there are a lot of youngsters like me who don’t decide and plan their whole life in school. I plan things gradually as life goes on and I know there are few like me who sometimes may get confused and choose paths because of peers or parents. It’s okay if we don’t plan out things right from start all that matters is our interest, hard work and belief. When we believe in ourselves and work hard in whatever we are interested in there is nothing that can stop us from achieving it.

Commerce stream has lots of opportunities in India, hope this blog helps all those Indian students who are in schools and colleges to find where your interest lies and decide what you want to do in life.