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Stock Market – Terms & Jargons

Stock market which is also known as share market or equity market which deals with shares, bonds and other securities of Companies registered with Stock Exchange. They can be traded through stock exchanges or over-the-counter markets. Let me explain some terms of stock market which I had noted down during my interview preparation - Shares… Continue reading Stock Market – Terms & Jargons

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Capital Market Overview

This post will help you learn about capital market and its components in the simplest way possible.    Meaning of Capital Market - It is a part of financial market which helps companies to raise capital through shares, bonds and other securities. Investors invest which invest in securities can be individuals, banks, insurance companies, mutual… Continue reading Capital Market Overview

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CFP – Certified Financial Planner

If you love planning your finances and would want to have a career in it then this course is a wonderful option. It is a wonderful concept where you learn about planning various things related to finance.  CFPcm is provided by Financial Planning Standards Board India.   Eligibility : Any student who has cleared his… Continue reading CFP – Certified Financial Planner

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Mutual Fund’s – A Beginner’s Module (NSE)

A mutual fund is a collective investment where people with similar interests invest, the manager of mutual fund collects the investment and decides where to invest based on the research. There are different types mutual fund schemes and investors can invest based on their risk taking ability and returns. Mutual funds have become a much… Continue reading Mutual Fund’s – A Beginner’s Module (NSE)

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Financial market – A beginner’s module (NSE)

Learning about financial market is really important, this course by NSE offers you an opportunity to learn about financial market of India.